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Practice Alignment Yoga for Improved Focus and Health


Yoga is a physical and mental practice that links breath with movement for physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. While yoga is rooted in Hindu and other Eastern traditions, it has evolved over thousands of years to reflect a variety of styles and disciplines. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, which means to yoke the spirit and physical body together. At New Horizon Yoga in San Antonio, we modify all yoga classes for various bodies, ages and athletic abilities.

According to yogic tradition, there are eight “branches” of yoga. Westerners are most familiar with hatha yoga, which is the yoga of postures (known as asanas) as well as breathing techniques to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health. With regular practice, yoga offers many important health benefits, including lower blood pressure, better stress management, increased strength and flexibility.

Alignment Based Yoga

We offer yoga classes that focus on the alignment of the body. Proper alignment of yoga postures is important for yoga. To prepare for a yoga class at New Horizon Yoga, wear clothes that are comfortable but not too baggy, so both you and your yoga instructor will be able to monitor your body’s alignment and ensure you are not inadvertently doing anything harmful to yourself. 

Yoga includes a series of standing and seated postures that are purposefully sequenced to not only stretch the muscles and traction the body, but also to relax the mind. 

While many individuals enjoy practicing yoga at our New Horizon Yoga studio, yoga can also be practiced from home to supplement your classes. Even a short, daily practice will help stretch the body’s muscles and build strength and flexibility, while reducing stress and anxiety. This will also help you move on to one of our more advanced classes sooner than later.

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